DermaClip Closure of Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery

Houston, TX – 09/05/2023.  DermaClip® was recently used to close a laparoscopic surgery in which the surgeon was heard on video expressing his surprise as just how quickly the task could be completed with the device.  

“Well I can sew fast but I don’t know if I can sew THAT fast.”

Another successful procedure with DermaClip and we appreciate the provider sharing the video with us. 

About DermaClip®

DermaClip US, L.L.C. produces wound closure devices that are designed to optimize wound closure on patients, secure good healing results, make wound closure more efficient and less painful, and save time for all involved in the process. The Company’s patented devices have been used to close all types of wounds on all ages of patients, encompassing the full range from children to geriatrics. The devices have been used under all types of conditions, from treating injured warfighters in the field with the US Military, to the Emergency Room, the Urgent Care, the Operating Room and in doctor’s offices. You can see more about the devices at and

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