DermaClip, The Wound Closure Solution for Correctional Healthcare

DermaClip is a non-invasive closure solution for prisons and jails.

Las Vegas, NV – 10/06/2023. DermaClip® spent this last week at the National Commission on Correctional Health Care Conference in Las Vegas, NV. It was a great venue, held at the Paris Las Vegas from October 1st to the 3rd, affording DermaClip the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages that its needle-free wound closure brings in correctional health — eliminating sharps and providing good, long-duration wound closure quickly. Easy to learn and to apply, it affords all levels of correctional health providers the ability to provide quality, repeatable wound closure in a minimum of time.

More than 250 people visited the booth over the course of the 8 hours of exhibit hall time spanning three days. Seeing how easy the device was to apply, as well as the quality of the resulting closure, impressed all the visitors to the booth, leading them to want to learn how to acquire the devices for use in their facilities.

Another successful conference for the Company and for DermaClip devices demonstrating the range of uses for DermaClip devices in facilitating quality wound closure.

About DermaClip®

DermaClip US, L.L.C. produces wound closure devices that are designed to optimize wound closure on patients, secure good healing results, make wound closure more efficient and less painful, and save time for all involved in the process. The Company’s patented devices have been used to close all types of wounds on all ages of patients, encompassing the full range from children to geriatrics. The devices have been used under all types of conditions, from treating injured warfighters in the field with the US Military, to the Emergency Room, the Urgent Care, the Operating Room and in doctor’s offices. You can see more about the devices at DermaClip.com and DermaQuik.com.

You can also find more about the DermaClip devices on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.