Discover Cutting-Edge Wound Closure Solutions at the 2023 AANP Conference

DermaClip exhibits non-invasive skin closure at the American Association of Nurse Practitioners Conference 2023

Houston, TX – 06/01/2023.  We are thrilled to announce that DermaClip® will be participating in the upcoming American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) Conference, to be held in New Orleans from June 21-24.  As pioneers in needle-free, non-invasive wound closure, DermaClip offers a wide range of benefits that enhance wound closure outcomes across various medical settings.

Embrace the Future of Wound Closure

At DermaClip, we understand the importance of efficient and effective wound closure techniques. Our cutting-edge, non-invasive, needle-free technology eliminates the need for traditional sutures, staples, or glue, providing a faster, easier, and patient-friendlier alternative. Designed to maintain wound-edge approximation without forcep’ing and evert the wound’s edges on closure, DermaClip devices enhance your ability to achieve excellent wound closure results while minimizing patient discomfort, reducing the risk of complications and saving up to 90% of closure time compared to traditional methods.  And it can all be learned in minutes, converting a skill into a process.

Discover the Benefits of DermaClip

The AANP Conference presents an exceptional opportunity to witness the remarkable capabilities of DermaClip firsthand. Join us at Booth 125 and let out team demonstrate to you how DermaClip devices can enhance – and basically transform – wound closure for you, whether you work in an emergency department, urgent care setting, or the surgical suite, while saving you time, improving patient comfort and contributing to superior wound closure outcomes.

As leaders in non-invasive, needle-free wound closure, DermaClip is committed to driving innovation and improving patient outcomes. We are excited to have the opportunity to meet you at the AANP Conference in New Orleans and showcase the future of wound closure solutions.

And visit our website at to learn more about DermaClip devices. 


About DermaClip®

DermaClip US, L.L.C. produces wound closure devices that are designed to optimize wound closure on patients, secure good healing results, make wound closure more efficient and less painful, and save time for all involved in the process. The Company’s patented devices have been used to close all types of wounds on all ages of patients, encompassing the full range from children to geriatrics. The devices have been used under all types of conditions, from treating injured warfighters in the field with the US Military, to the Emergency Room, the Urgent Care, the Operating Room and in doctor’s offices. You can see more about the devices at and

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