DermaClip to Exhibit at NATA 2023, Skin Closure for Athletic Trainers

DermaClip at NATA 2023 for athletic trainers closing athletes' cuts on the field
Houston, TX – 05/12/2023. DermaClip® US, L.L.C., the innovative skin closure device company, is proud to announce its return to the NATA Conference 2023 in Indianapolis. Following its successful debut at last year’s conference, DermaClip has seen tremendous adoption by athletic trainers across the US and is excited to showcase its non-invasive skin closure device once again at the conference. DermaClip’s skin closure device is the perfect solution for athletic trainers looking to quickly and easily close wounds on athletes and keep them in the game. The device’s unique design allows it to hold the wound edges together without puncturing the skin, while being used for temporary or final closure, making it a great solution for immediate closure. “We are thrilled to return to the NATA Conference and to showcase our non-invasive skin closure device to athletic trainers once again,” said Charles Darling, CEO of DermaClip. “Since last year’s conference, we have seen tremendous adoption of our device by athletic trainers across the US, and we look forward to continuing our support of the NATA community.” “DermaClip is committed to providing athletic trainers with the tools they need to keep their athletes in the game,” said Mr. Darling. “Our non-invasive skin closure device has been a game-changer for wound care in the athletic community.” DermaClip will be exhibiting at the NATA Conference 2023, which will take place from June 21st to 24th in Indianapolis, IN. Attendees are invited to stop by the booth to learn more about DermaClip’s non-invasive skin closure device and to see a live demonstration. For more information about DermaClip and its products, please visit the company’s website at About DermaClip®

DermaClip US, L.L.C. produces wound closure devices that are designed to optimize wound closure on patients, secure good healing results, make wound closure more efficient and less painful, and save time for all involved in the process. The Company’s patented devices have been used to close all types of wounds on all ages of patients, encompassing the full range from children to geriatrics. The devices have been used under all types of conditions, from treating injured warfighters in the field with the US Military, to the Emergency Room, the Urgent Care, the Operating Room and in doctor’s offices. You can see more about the devices at and You can also find more about the DermaClip devices on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.