The DermaClip Device

DermaClip® Overview

The DermaClip® device is a needle-free alternative to sutures, staples and glues that is composed of two pieces of adhesive joined by a polypropylene bridge. Available in 2 sizes, Regular and Large, the device is quite simple in design but quite advanced as a wound closure device.

DermaClip® is applied to the approximated edges of a wound and is closed by pulling the polypropylene tabs in opposing directions until the device locks in the closed position. By pulling the device closed by the tabs, the angled faces of the polypropylene bridge encounter each other, thus lifting the wound edges. This lifting action puts the viable dermis on each side of the wound back into contact. In other words, the design is intended to create a natural eversion of the skin edges on closure – eversion being the result a skilled surgeon seeks to accomplish, as it is widely believed that wound eversion is essential for minimizing scarring because it maximizes the chance for proper epidermal approximation.

To purchase DermaClip®, please contact our team. For more information on how to apply the device, please visit the Instructions for Use page.

The DermaClip device in Use

DermaClip® Devices In Use

DermaClip® is Revolutionizing Wound Closure

DermaClip Attributes

Comparison of DermaClip® Against Traditional Closure Methods

The numerous benefits of using DermaClip® include:

Skin Closure System without Needles
The DermaClip® device is a single-use, non-invasive, needle-less suture, staple and glue replacement.

Versatile, Usable on Different Types of Wounds
DermaClip® treats single-layer wounds or final closure of deeper wounds & incisions.

Patient Can Remove; No Follow-Up Visit Required
When appropriate, the patient doesn't need to return for removal. Simply peel the device off like a Band-Aid®.

Learning curve is measured in minutes
The method is accessible to everyone; even a person with minimal medical training can apply the device properly.

Quick to Apply; Simple as "Pick, Place & Pull"
Simply "Pick" the device off the backing paper, "Place" it on the approximated wound. "Pull" the device closed until you hear the "click," signifying that the device is locked shut.

Adhesive Is Breathable & Contains No Latex
The device utilizes a non-latex, breathable medical adhesive and food grade plastic closures.

DermaClip patient outcomes

DermaClip® Patient Outcomes

DermaClip® in the Operating Room

DermaClip® Closing a 3-inch Wound

Other Benefits of Using DermaClip®

In wound closure, simple time savings can have tremendous cost savings. On average, operating rooms cost $66 per minute in the US (avg. room fee is $62 and anesthesiologist fees is $4).1

Further, eliminating sharps can improve safety, thus reducing costs. Sharp-tip suture needles are the leading source of percutaneous injuries to surgical personnel, causing 51% to 77% of the over 385,000 incidents annually in the US. The average treatment is $596.2

1Shippert, Ronald D, MD. “A Study of Time-Dependent Operating Room Fees and How to save $1000,000 by Using Time-Saving Products”
2 Leigh, J, et.al. Costs of needlestick injuries and subsequent hepatitis and HIV infection. Cur Med Res Opin. 2007 23(9):2093-2105.