DermaClip Instructions for Use

Applying DermaClip® is as Simple as "Pick, Place & Pull"

Full instructions are set out in the Instructions for Use (IFU) that is available online and are included with every purchase of DermaClip®.1

The basic application process is simple and effective:

DermaClip Application Process

1. Pick: Select a DermaClip®, pinch the pull tabs towards the center, then lift it off of the backing paper.

2. Place: Still holding by the clip by the pull tabs, center it across the wound, place it on the skin, and smooth the adhesive on either side.

Repeat steps 1 & 2 placing clips 1 to 4mm apart until the wound is covered.

3. Pull: Once the length of the wound is covered, pull the tabs on each DermaClip® in opposing directions to close the device until a "click" is heard locking the DermaClip® shut.

The best closures are achieved when the tabs are pulled "Down & Out": down towards the skin and in an outward direction. Pulling "Up" on the tabs starts to work against the adhesive's bond with the skin.

Make sure hear the “CLICK” is heard to assure the device is locked shut.

Important note on use:  There is a first resistance as the device is initially pulled closed that then releases. THIS IS NOT THE LOCKING OF THE DEVICE! It is very important to the proper functioning of the device that the click occurs after the two edges of the device have made contact and then forced each other, and the attached skin, into an upward position. Only then will the device be closed and locked shut.

4. Cut Tabs: For convenience and comfort, remove the tabs with set of sterile scissors and cover the wound.

To provide a visual aid to support the warning on locking, the image below shows the different positions as the device is closed:

DermaClip Proper Locking

When locked properly, the angled faces of the DermaClip® device have made contact and then forced each other into an upward, everted position.

For a video with the full instructions on the device:

1This page and all related content are only meant as a supplement to the full IFU.