Wound Closure for Military, EMS & Search & Rescue

Dermaclip - Wound Closure for Military, EMS & Search & Rescue

DermaClip Extreme is included in US Marine Corps AMAL 653.

Versatile Addition to your Medical Kit for Mission-Critical Environments

Simple, quick, light (0.15 oz) & packable (index-card size), DermaClip skin closure devices are
perfect for closing wounds in austere environments and for inclusion in medic and corpsmens kits to facilitate quick, effective triage satisfying the DECM 72+ hour standard no matter the location.

Needle-free, there is no trauma of application, presenting to the clinician the wound as it presented in the field, after which DermaClip devices can be used for final closure.

For your IFAK, consider the DermaQuik device, one-handed closure with the same innovative technology.

The Military Capability Statements for DermaClip and DermaQuik have the ordering information


Adopt a solution that can be applied anywhere and anytime, avoiding the shortcomings of glues and trauma of sutures.


Sometimes were alone, so DermaQuik brings the same benefits of DermaClip but can be applied with one hand.

Multiple Adhesive Options to Fit the Environment

dermaclip 3 large clips packaging

The Standard, hospital grade product suitable for fragile skin.

dermaclip 3 extreme packaging

For the most austere conditions, DermaClip Extreme is 3.5x the strength of the Standard adhesive and for Military Use only. (Not suitable for use on fragile skin.)

Already in Use by All Branches of the Military

DermaClip devices have already been purchased or adopted for inclusion in kits by the United States Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy.

The Ultimate Wound Closure Solution for Austere Conditions

Needle-Free; No Needle Sticks

The devices dont puncture the skin (either the patients or yours), making application quicker and safer for everyone involved.

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Versatile; Temporary or Final Closure

Perfect for triage, with no skin damage from closure when removed after temporary use. Meets the DECM 72+ hour standard. Once done, fully suitable for long-term closure.

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Tactile Feedback on Locking

A haptic click on closure allows for use in low-light or no-light conditions.

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Ultimate Packability; Light & Nearly Flat

A package for a 3 closure weighs just 0.15 oz., is the size of an index card and is nearly flat, allowing them to be added to any kit without removing items or adding weight.

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Mastered in Minutes; Minimal Training Requirements

Use of the device can be taught in minutes to virtually anyone, allowing field medics/corpsmen to apply the device effectively with minimal training time.

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Closes Wounds of Any Lengths and Wounds with Curvature

Use as many devices as needed to close wounds of any length. Application in single units allows closure of virtually any wound -- straight, jagged, curved or flapped.

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Usable Everywhere by Everyone

Medics & Corpsmen

Search & Rescue

Emergency Services/ Natural Distasters

Field Hospitals

Special Ops

High Seas

Learn More About Each Device


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For more information about the DermaQuik device (OTC), including instructions for use, visit the DermaQuik device page.