DermaClip Video on Bored Panda

Houston, TX – 7/13/2018.  The DermaClip® team is excited by the interest generated by the Bored Panda posting today of the video on the innovative DermaClip® skin closure device. The response — over 1 million views already — demonstrates the public’s interest in the device and its ability to close wounds with no needles. “The strong interest in DermaClip® in such a short time, coming as a follow-up to the 7 million views this week on Business Insiders’ Inventions Insider Facebook page, proves that people are ready for our new, needle-less alternative for skin closure. And we will be introducing our new, Over-the-Counter product in the near future to allow the consumer to have access to this new, needle-less skin closure alternative at home,” said Charles M. Darling, IV, CEO of DermaClip® US LLC.


Ask your doctor to use DermaClip® on your wound closure. And keep watch for the introduction of our Over-the-Counter device. For more information and announcements about the DermaClip® device, visit the DermaClip website.

About Bored Panda

Bored Panda is a leading art, design and photography community for creative people.

About DermaClip®

The DermaClip® skin closure device is a unique, newly-developed non-invasive skin closure device made of hypoallergenic adhesive coupled with a polypropylene bridge that allows for the quick and easy approximation of skin edges at the time of final closure of a wound. It removes the necessity for local anesthesia, alleviates skin puncture by sutures and staples, and eliminates the possibility of skin reaction to glues, eliminating potential sources of pain and complications for the patient. The patented single-use, needle-less device is designed to evert skin edges, avoiding the possibility of unsightly wound inversion. The device accomplishes this with remarkable speed allowing for decreased preparation, time-to-closure and absence of staple or suture cross-hatching. This results in decreased overall costs while being designed to improve the cosmesis of wound healing.

We, at DermaClip®, believe that this high quality skin closure system should be available to everyone, allowing all involved in wound closure — the patient, the medical professional and the institutions providing the service — to benefit from the advantages of this product.

The US operations of DermaClip® are owned and operated by DermaClip® US, L.L.C., a Texas based company. For more information, visit the DermaClip website.