DermaClip for field wound closure presenting at the military health symposium

Houston, TX – 6/7/2016. DermaClip® US, LLC today announced that it has been selected to make an oral presentation at the Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) to be held in Orlando, Florida on August 14th-19th, 2016.  The topic of its presentation will be on the development of the innovative, non-invasive DermaClip® skin closure device, and its use in the military environment to assist in maintaining readiness and to facilitate the efficient skin closure of injured and wounded personnel. Dr. Jeffrey Freed, MD, FACS, FACG, and Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Surgery of Icahn Medical School at Mount Sinai in New York City, and a distinguished medical advisor to the Company, will make the presentation for the Company.

In addition, the Company announced that it has been awarded a display booth at the Symposium to display the DermaClip® device and to demonstrate its use to attendees at the Symposium.

Responding to the news of the Company’s selection, Charles Darling, CEO, stated: “We believe the Company’s selection to participate in such a meaningful manner at the MHSRS conference in Orlando reflects a recognition of the significant benefits that DermaClip® can bring to the military environment in enhancing the treatment afforded the injured and wounded warfighter.  In this time of such great burden on our military, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can provide improvement in the treatment alternatives for the injured and wounded warfighter.”   

About DermaClip®

DermaClip® is a revolutionary, new non-invasive skin closure device made of hypoallergenic adhesive coupled with a polypropylene bridge that allows for the quick and easy closure of surface wounds and the final stage of surgical incisions. With no puncturing or crushing of the skin, the patented single-use, needle-less device is designed to evert the skin on every closure to promote healthy healing while being quick and easy to use.

The DermaClip® team believes that high quality skin closure should be available to everyone, regardless of access to high-end services. The team aims to eliminate the trade-offs in skin closure made between time of closure and quality of patient care.

The US operations of DermaClip® are owned and operated by DermaClip® US, L.L.C., a Texas based company.