DermaClip Sizes

4 Options for DermaClip® are Currently Available

DermaClip® is currently offered in two sizes, Regular & Large, and two target closure lengths, 1 inch and 3 inches. Having two distinct sizes allows medical professionals to select the properly sized device for the particular requirements of each skin closure, gaining the benefits of the DermaClip® device without regard to the size of the clip used.

DermaClip Sizes

With two target lengths, stack together any combination of packages to get to the right closure length, while avoiding excess cost or waste.

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Pad of Regular Size DermaClip, 2 Clip (RC2U, 62001)

Pad of Large Size DermaClip, 1 Pack (LC1U/XL13U, 61003/61006)

Device Regular 1" Large 1"
DermaClips® per Package 2 Clips 1 Clip

Pad of Regular Size DermaClip (RC5U, 62002)

Pad of Large Size DermaClip (LC3U/XLC3U, 61004/61005)

Device Regular 3" Large 3"
DermaClips® per Package 5 Clips 3 Clips

The Regular Clip provides the medical professional tremendous flexibility in closing the skin, whether the incision or wound is large or small. Perfect for skin closure after arthroscopic surgery or moh and nevi removal, it is also perfectly suited for closure of larger laparotomies. The Large Clip gives the doctor an additional option in closing larger wounds, such as Cesarean sections, hernia operations, and open heart surgeries.

When a closure requires more than one clip, the spacing between the DermaClip® devices is recommended to be 1 to 4 mm, depending upon the medical professional's determination. Therefore, clips can be used individually, interchangeably or together depending on the requirements of the wound and the device selection made by the medical professional applying the DermaClip®.

To purchase DermaClip®, fill out the customer inquiry on the Buy DermaClip® page. For more information on how to apply the device, please visit the Instructions for Use page.